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제목: The Kick-Off of the ‘New ERP Project’ of Kyungshin Cable Co., Ltd. at Qingdao
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The Kick-Off of the ‘New ERP Project’ of Kyungshin Cable Co., Ltd. at Qingdao

There was the Kick-off ceremony at Kangda Plaza of Qingdao on March 20th, held by Kyungshin Cable Co., Ltd. at
Qingdao, China with the aim of promoting the ‘New ERP Project’ for the purpose of utilizing it as a tool for management
innovation in order to facilitate the vision of making themselves in the ‘Global Top 5’.
The purpose of this project is to introduce the global ERP package of SAP, the worldwide ERP solution corporation, and
to make improvements and integration on overall work process in order to realize work innovation and competitiveness
improvements and consolidate a foothold for the business expansion in China.
Kyungshin Cable at Qingdao will optimize the overall work process by executing the integrated management system on all its work process including sales, distribution, production, installation, procurement, quality, accounting and human

Jeonggi Seo, the CEO of Kyungshin Cable at Qingdao participated in the Kick-off ceremony of ‘New ERP Project’ and
mentioned that it will be and has to be Kyungshin Cable at Qingdao which will lead the development and improvement
of Kyungshin Cable in the world market. He also emphasized that there is a need for the strong establishment of
management infrastructure to facilitate strategy execution in order to achieve the vision for ‘Global Top 5’ and made a
request to the staffs that they will react appropriately to the fast-changing interior and exterior environment with their
strong capability and that they will establish the management system at a world-class level which can support the
processes when there is a business expansion in the future.
Starting from March 20th, 2015, the New ERP Project at Kyungshin Cable at Qingdao will continue till September with
the duration of 6.5 months, conducting analysis, drawing innovative projects, designs, establishment and overall test,
operation and stabilization and the completion of work will be done by stable changeover with sufficient amount of time
based on SAP ERP. It is expected that Kyungshin Cable at Qingdao will be able to procure global management
infrastructure in accordance with this project.


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