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Job Introduction
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  • HR management : Organizational management and overall competency secure in charge of HR plan, recruit, development, arrangement, promotion and retirement and in strategic target achievement and performance
  • Business support : Labor-company management, welfare system, safety management, in-company environment improvement for work performance and work environment quality
  • IT : Company work efficiency and competitiveness through computer system and device operation and maintenance
  • Planning : Strategic planning, project planning, management review, performance analysis, improvement plan for company business activity and value creation
  • Accounting : Settlement information for purchase/sales, tax /accounting/finance and audit management to have efficient financial resources and clean management
  • Production : Efficient production and productivity through process and work management, field management, process improvement, productivity analysis and improvement activity
  • Maintenance : PM work for production and electric facility maintenance, facility rationalization, planning preservation and machine preservation for quick overseas plant technical support
  • Production management : Planning/execution for effective production through planning, work order, performance and productivity management and production information management
  • Prompt delivery work for customer and sales needs by means of delivery and product shipping management, stocking-issuing management and logistics management.
  • Procurement/Outsourcing : Support for speedy and accurate work process in production by appointing affiliates, evaluation and registration and procurement work and outsourced products management
Quality management
  • Quality management : Customer satisfaction and company competitiveness through quality management, quality system management, follow-up, standard management, policy management and quality plan/assurance
  • Research : New business development and competitiveness and profitability through developing new material, new products, eco-friendly material development and commercialization in the metal and insulating material area
  • Product development  : Customer satisfaction and competiveness through new product design, development and technical specification review/preparation and approval
  • Sales support  : Sales performance management, debit management, affiliate company management and other supports works for sound sales activities
  • Domestic sales : Company profit and value increase by planning long-term business, contract, new potential customer discovery and improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Overseas sales  : Overseas market opportunity, company profit and value increase by means of overseas market data and trend analysis, and customer company visit.
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